19th Toulon-Verona Conference "Excellence in Services" at Huelva (2016)
Empowering patients by empowering health care organizations: a comparative study
Annaruma C., Palumbo R., Cavallone M.
Improving the quality of information exchange among top managers
Giaretta E., Castellani P., Garofalo A.
A T-shaped model for rethinking higher education programs
Saviano M., Polese F., Caputo F., Walletzky L.
Knowledge management: an asset for managing change?
Vallat D., Bayart C., Bertezene S., Martin J.

18th Toulon-Verona Conference "Excellence in Services" at Palermo (2015)
Social responsibility in the medical and social sector: the exmaple of France
Does social couponing stimulate positive E-word-of-mouth and referrals?
E-tailing as an evolution of the distribution channel in tourism
Scholarly management journals: Are they relevant for practitioners? Results of a pilot study
Towards a perfect learning process. - Where is Sweden?
Implementing clusters for economic development in emerging economies: the case of Luong Bamboo sector in Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam
Nguyen Ngoc Dung-Martin
How universities institutionalize 'good' managerial practices? Some evidence from the Italian cultural sector


17th Toulon-Verona Conference "Excellence in Services" at Liverpool (2014)
Performance journey mapping: Evaluation of a service performance assessment
Höber, Pergler, Weitlaner, Grashsl
Service-based vs. Goods-based positioning of the offering: Effects on customer perceived value
Cassia, Ugolini, Cobelli, Gill
An international study of the impact of B2C logistics service quality on shopper satisfaction and loyalty
Grant, Philipp
Local vs. Global social couponing sites: a study of merchants' satisfaction
Magno, Cassia, Ugolini
The influence of green innovation in logistics competitiveness and sustainability. The DHL case study
Cosimato, Troisi
The drug logistics between efficiency and safety for patients: The experience of an Italian region
Pinna, Carrus, Marras
Customer education, evaluation skill and perceived value: A theoretical framework
Bonfanti, Brunetti


16th Toulon-Verona Conference "Excellence in Services" at Ljubljana (2013)
Serious Games: Leverage for Knowledge Management
Bayart C., Bertezene S., Martin J., Vallat D.
Social Media Marketing in the Wellness Industry
Lagrosen S., Grundén K.
Strategic Planning and Benchmarking Perceptions and Concerns from Public and Private Western Balkan Universities
Papadimitriou A.
Efficiency Levels of Public Sector Units - Empirical Analysis for Local Jurisdictions in Slovenia
Pevcin P.
A 5 Senses Perspective to Quality in Hospitals
Baccarani C., Ugolini M.
Loyalty and Switching Behavior among Corporate Energy Customers: A Study in the Italian Context
Vigolo V., Cassia F.
Service quality kaizen blitz: the road to improving customer satisfaction
Teehan R., Tucker W.


15th Toulon-Verona Conference "Excellence in Services" at Rishon Lezion (2012)
Services Branding: Is it a Matter of Gender?
Ugolini M., Cassia F., Vigolo V.
Optimising the pathway for an organisational change management program
Cocks G.
The last minute market model: an innovative service of efficient assortment management in a sustainability perspective
Bonfanti A., Brunetti F., Castellani P.
Improving the quality of services at the University of Oviedo
Suárez A.A., Albañil P., Alonso J., Martís R., Catalán C., Pascual M.G.


14th Toulon-Verona (ICQSS) Conference "Excellence in Services" at Alicante (2011)
The creation of sustainable value in SMEs: a case study
Ciasullo M, Troisi O.
Co-Innovation in Creative Intensive Business Services: The Role of Clients in Advertising Agencies' Innovation Processes
Masiello B., Marasco A., Izzo F.
Schools Self-Assessment: A Study on the Levels of Stakeholders' Involvement in the Process
Moura e Sá P., Maia I.
Tourism Enterprises and Sustainable Tourism: Empirical Evidence from the Province of Pesaro Urbino
Splendiani S., Pencarelli T., Dini M.
Teaching Innovation Projects Associated with the Introduction of the new Information Technologies (ICTS) Improve Expected Educational Results: The Case of Engineering Studies at the University of Oviedo
Suárez A., Pascual M., Alonso J., Fuentes R., Catalán C., Martís R.
Approaches for Reducing Medical Errors and Increasing Patient Safety: TRM, Quality and 5QS Method
Zineldin M., Zineldin J., Vasicheva V.


13th Toulon-Verona (ICQSS) Conference "Excellence in Services" at Coimbra (2010)
Which Quality for System Competitiveness? The "Long-Tail" Touristic Service Case
Pilotti L., Tedeschi-Toschi A., Apa R.
From Industrial Museums to Cultural Industry. An Empirical Exploration of how this Heritage is being Safeguarded by the Members of Museimpresa
Castellani P., Rossato C., Ciarmela L.
Alliances and Groupings in the Local Public Transportation Sector: A Preliminary Survey of Strategic Motivations
Danovi A., Karletsos D.
Board Compensation in the Italian Public Utilities
Menozzi A., Erbetta F., Fraquelli G.
Distances in Public Administrators' and Elected Officials' Perspectives on Services Quality: Exploring the Implications for Citizens' Role in Quality Improvement Processes
Cassia Fabio, Magno F.

12th Toulon-Verona (ICQSS) Conference "Excellence in Services" at Verona (2009)
A Set of Statistical Techniques to Implement Continuous Improvement: Outcomes of a Citizen's Satisfaction Survey
Cappelli L., Guglielmetti R., Mattia G., Merli R., Renzi M.F.
Emerging Concepts for Implementing Strategy
Cocks G.
Market Orientation and Adoption of Quality Management Tools in Greek Universities
Papadimitriou A., Westerheijden D.
New Enterprise Models: Trial Runs of "Capitalism with a Human Face"
Brunetti F.

11th Toulon-Verona Conference "Excellence in Services" at Florence (2008)
The Application of Quality Function Deployment in Service Quality Management
Andronikidis A., Georgiou A.C., Gotzamani K., Kamvisi K.
Process Improvement Measures in Social Area Organizations: A Study in Institutions for Elderly: Survey Preliminary Results
Antunes G., Pires A., Machado V.
Mastering Performance through Quality and Networking: The Example of French Social and Medical Establishments
Bertezene S., Martin J.
Comparing Critical Incident Technique and Survey Questionnaires as a Means of Collecting Student Feedback
Douglas J., McClelland R., Sudbury L., Davies J.
Organisational Culture, Job Satisfaction and Higher Education Service Quality: The Case of Technological Educational Institute of Larissa
Trivellas P., Dargenidou D.


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